Why your business needs branded personalized coffee mugs

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Advertising cost in business has caused a lot of businesses, whether big or small, to use various types of promotional products including custom tumblers, custom water bottles, and custom coffee mugs. However custom coffee mugs have in the recent past begun to be the most popular promotional products given as gifts. Here are some of the reasons why.

Coffee boom

Over the last few decades, coffee consumption has risen drastically, and it’s not unusual for workers to brew themselves up a hot beverage throughout the day to help them re-energize and recharge. So what more efficient way to take advantage of the coffee boom than to offer personalized coffee mugs with your employees’ names on, as well as custom coffee mugs for customers? You will enjoy multiple advertisements every time your customers and employees use the mug you handed them.

Years of impression

Coffee mugs are usually made of ceramic thus offering long-lasting quality and durability spanning to even a decade. As such, they offer countless years of impressions every time someone uses them. It is also important to note that people usually collect promotional coffee mugs as memorabilia and keepsakes of experiences they took part in. For these reasons, custom coffee mugs are always handled with care.

Various uses of mugs

Apart from the obvious purpose of personalized coffee mugs, there are other unique things coffee mugs get used for. This can include as holders of stationery and accessories, such as scissors, pens, and paper clips, ‘get well kits’ such as thermometers, packets of instant soup, desk plants and many more. But even if your coffee mug is superseded by another over the years, you’re sure to bet it’ll stick around in the office or at home as coffee mugs are above all hugely practical.

With some minimal effort and recognition of your employees in the form of a corporate gift, your business can enjoy tremendous growth and loyalty. Whether you choose to opt for an attractive design, your employees’ names or simply your business’ logo and contact details, custom coffee mugs are an excellent choice for a promotional product. At waterbottles.com, we can imprint your business’ logo and ideal message on the coffee mugs and let you watch how they capture your potential clients’ as well as employees’ interest each time they are used. Contact us today and learn how you can feature custom personalized coffee mugs in your marketing plan.

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