How to hydrate and advertise using custom tumblers

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Custom promo tumblers can be highly effective at advertising your business. Unlike other forms of advertising, custom tumblers have a very long lifespan and are even passed on to other people. Each tumbler will include a logo and contact information that may potentially be present in the eyes of hundreds of people. An Advertisement With A Function Everybody likes free …

5 reasons personalized coffee mugs make excellent promotional items

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Trying to figure out the perfect promotional item for your next marketing push? Make sure you give personalized coffee mugs careful consideration, as they might just be the perfect promo tool – here are five reasons why. Easy design Coffee mugs are remarkably easy to design for, at least compared to some of your other options for promotional items – …

Advertise through your employees with branded drinkware

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Instead of only relying on traditional advertising like newspaper and magazine ads, direct mailers, posters, and billboards, or online alternatives, such as static and dynamic banners and video and social media embedded ads, invest some of your advertising budget into buying branded drinkware to give to your employees. Promotional beverage containers help you achieve a high return on your investment …

Infuser water bottle

Infuser water bottles: the recipe for branding success!

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Branding is the art of communicating the intangible elements of your company. Intangible elements are the characteristics, values, and attributes that define your product or service. This collective of characteristics set your product or service apart from others, meaning branding will assist your customers in finding you. One way to market your brand is through the tactical use of promotional …

H2go Ascent Water bottles

Branded beverage containers create fantastic fundraising opportunities

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When many business owners think about their next big fundraisers to help local or national charities spread awareness and raise funds, they often ignore the best tool available that they utilize for their own promotional efforts: branded merchandise. Our branded beverage containers are the prefect charity promotional items. Branded water bottles, custom mugs, tumblers and glassware. Offer something useful to …

Personalized coffee mugs make great convention and reunion mementos

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Event planning is a big job and sometimes it’s the simple tasks that end up being the most time consuming. Trying to come up with an event keepsake that everyone will love can be stressful, especially when considering that this small marketing piece has the potential (or not) to entice return visits year after year. What’s great about using a …

Custom Coffee Mug

Hidden potential for promotional drinkware

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Promotional drinkware has always been a popular item in the promotional industry because everyone finds it useful. Whether it’s the daily water to quench thirst or the morning coffee to give an energy boost, we all use promotional drinkware. Custom drinkware can successfully accomplish the goals of most companies, small or large, in almost any industry. We all have to …

Boost your business’ green credentials with promo water bottles

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Trying to choose the right promotional items for marketing your business or organization? Think beyond the obvious use or value and your promotional items themselves can draw attention to your company. For example, water bottles have a strong green angle you can use to complement other eco-friendly initiatives you’re taking in your business. Learn how to use this angle as …