4 things you need to know about custom promo products

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Among all other advertising channels, promotional products are among the most cost-effective strategies aimed at reaching targeted audiences. And if you are organizing a trade show or product launch, promo giveaways are a critical component of such experiences. These products can motivate your prospects to action, build a buzz around you, communicate your message effectively, and even create a particular awareness. As this strategy continues to grow, many companies are now integrating promotional advertising into their marketing strategies. If you are ready to take this route, there’s a couple of things to familiarize yourself with if you wish to be successful.

1. Have a clear goal

Before you can begin the project, formulate a clear goal. Figure out what you want out of this project. Do you want to create a marketing push for a new product or do you want to develop a sense of loyalty among employees? You could also be targeting creating gear with logos for your employees. If you can answer where, when and how the product will be used, you can develop a clear picture of your project.

2. Have your specifications ready

Once you have identified your goal and you’re ready to kick off the project, it’s time to have the specs of your project. For instance, the quantity needed, deadline, shipping location, formats, resolution of images, colors and material, among others. If you’re not sure about some of the specs, you can always seek advice from a branding company doing similar projects.

3. Create a budget

Remember promotional projects such as creating custom mugs or promotional water bottles need a budget. And often, this cost is part of your advertising. A definite budget helps you narrow down solutions to viable options. You’ll end up having a promotional product that reciprocates with your brand. Remember that a low-cost item might not be what your brand represents and so the significance of this stage.

4. Track your ROI

Promotional products will draw referrals to your company. But you still need to track your return on investment (ROI). If you want your promo product to get people to sign up for an e-newsletter, you can track the numbers. If you wish to increase the number of visitors to a website, create a custom URL landing page and track the number of new visitors.

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