3 top tips on how to design lovable custom mugs

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One of the best promotional giveaways that you can offer is a custom printed mug. It has multiple uses and stays with the person you give it to for months, if not years, making an impression about your business. Not only will customers remember your business’ name for years after you give them a custom mug, but will also associate it with their hot tea on a cold day or their coffee break. There could not be a better way to make an impression.

When designing your custom mugs, you should ensure it will represent your business in the best way possible. Here are some tips for designing custom mugs that people will just love.

1. Design a custom mug that stands out

An exceptional mug has got to have some uniqueness to it. Without necessarily being too colorful, it will need to just the right shades, a cute statement on it, and so on. If you cannot come up with a good design yourself, a designer can do so for you. Other functional aspects must also be right like a handle that fits fingers just right. Do not go overboard with the design. Avoid overly fancy shapes that may make your mug not dishwasher safe. People prefer mugs that are easy to clean, and durable.

2. Make sure your custom mugs are a bit larger than usual

Most people like their mugs bigger so that they can stir in milk and sugar without spilling their drink, as well as be able to have more of their preferred beverage.

With a bigger mug, you will also have more space to make your mug more fun. You can have a silly joke on your mug or your favorite attention-catching quote. As well, you can hire an artist and make your mug even more beautiful with a drawing.

3. Brand your mug

With a little creativity and brilliance, you can get your company’s brand out in the world with beautiful custom made mugs. Many people who wouldn’t wear your branded t-Shirts will love your custom mugs with your logo.

To ensure your logoed mug is held onto for long, get a good quality mug that is not an embarrassment to your brand. If you are looking for promotional items for your business such as custom drinkware, contact us at waterbottles.com to get your quote.

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